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Workshops & trainings

Customized programs designed to share with individuals or groups on effective methods and practices for recycling plastic materials and be more aware of our plastic consumption and its impacts.



From grade 2, an adapted educative and interractive program



Tailored training programs, adapted to


Open Workshops

Learn new crafts and have fun by taking part in our workshops, alone or with your friends


We have developed different workshop programs spanning from grade 2 to university level, ensuring tailored education for students at every stage of learning. These workshops cover a range of topics from basic recycling principles to advanced sustainability concepts, empowering students to make meaningful contributions to environmental stewardship.

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Our training, adapted to your goals and specific trainees, offers in-depth, hands-on experiences aimed at understanding and mastering the fundamentals of plastic recycling, including machine operation and maintenance. Participants delve into comprehensive modules covering the entire recycling process, from sorting to reprocessing. Through immersive learning environments, they gain practical insights into equipment usage, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for machine upkeep. Our approach emphasizes experiential learning, empowering trainees to develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate real-world recycling scenarios effectively. More info

open workshops

We love to host you and your friends for a crafty and interactive workshop.
Make your own item from recycled plastic and have a good time !

Duration : 2h30

10 participants maximum

Location - At our workshop, at our partner location, Maloop Garden

Open Workshops
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