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The Trash is Nice team is delighted to share this news with you: our workspace and injection machine are finished!

You can come to say hello to us at Treellion Park in Phnom Penh.​

Association & Trash is Nice

Plastic cells


Plastic Cells is a non-profit organization, law 1901, created in 2018. Leader of Trash Is Nice project, 4 people are working on it to improve local lives through recycling plastic wastes.


Goals and values

Reduce pollution by preserving the environment and living beings.

Collect, recycle, and valorize thermoplastic waste. (PEHD, PELD, PP, ABS)

Prevent and sensitize about the dangers of using plastic and recycling necessity.

Work with local communities, support and empower communities to recycling initiatives. Find a solution to the material needs of locals.

Trash is nice

What is it ? What does it mean ?

Behind this somewhat provocative name, we want to show that the project can be seen as something good, valuable, and with value.

One of the reasons why plastic waste pollution is so prevalent is perhaps because everyone thinks that this waste has no value, or that it is difficult to put it to work to get something out of it. thing.

By using the concept proposed by the international Precious Plastic community, we are working in Cambodia for the permanent installation of a local plastic waste recycling workshop, also aiming to spread and raise awareness among the population about this problem. current.​​​

Quickly, How is it working?

Why Cambodia

Cambodia is above all one of the favourite Alix's personal bonds. After spending a few months there, she fell in love with the country and its people. However, her observation on plastic pollution is clear: it is everywhere! At the same time, the discovery of Precious Plastic let the idea that something could be done more palpable. This is how Trash is Nice was born.

Since then, this attachment to Cambodia has grown, and after its concrete implementation and the difficulties encountered, this initiative continues to develop.

Currently, plastic waste is ubiquitous in Cambodian cities and the countryside. They are direct pollutants, neither unalterable nor biodegradable. Sometimes buried, sometimes incinerated, sometimes gathered in heaps creating open landfills, they pollute and harm the environment and the health of populations.

The failure of the collection system at the provincial level and the lack of prevention and awareness of plastic-related problems are the main factors of this pollution, linked to the massive use of single-use plastics for the transport and packaging of food, drinks and more.




In the project, I participate in a bit of all the tasks and take as much pleasure in welding and cutting metal as in trying to change practices by discussing or researching how to recycle or reuse materials. After studying project management, this project is an opportunity for me to put my skills to use in this field but also to discover fieldwork - machine building, artisanal plastic work, but also exchanges with the inhabitants, to learn their language and their manners.


I have been part of the Precious Plastic community since 2018. Since then, I have built my recycling plastic business in France, Craft Plastic. After a year of civic service in Cambodia and the meeting with Alix and her project Trash is Nice, I decided to put my projects in France on hold in order to come and live in Cambodia and support this project.

I touch everything in construction, but my passion is plastic recycling, from grinding to the final object, I refine my knowledge creation after creation. Coming out of studies at the Beaux-Arts, I always try to link practical and artistic to my projects.


Precious plastic

Let’s start with the reason for the existence of this project. You probably all know about the massive global plastic pollution. 

Less than 10% of all the plastic generated globally is recycled and instead, you see plastic polluting the environment - it’s being found in trees, on beaches, in the oceans, in animals, and even in our food and water. 


The solution is a network of people who work together to tackle plastic pollution on a daily basis. 


Changes in the industry are coming too little and too slowly, but change has to happen now! So Precious Plastic is creating solutions that empower everyone worldwide to build up strong local networks of people tackling plastic pollution by turning plastic waste into valuable materials and inspiring more people to take action. 


The core of Precious Plastic solutions is to enable people to work with plastic. Wood and metal working techniques are very known and accessible, but not a lot of people outside the industry really know how to deal with plastic as a material. So Precious Plastic creates small-scale recycling machines which can easily be built and modified by people like you and me. As well as semi-industrial machines, and a network where we can learn, connect, build, create, and share. 


To sum it up, Precious Plastic aims to enable people to learn about plastic and solutions, find their local fellows and resources to set up their own recycling workspace, collect plastic and turn it onto something valuable that they can sell, and finally share back what they learn - to help improving solutions globally and enable even more people to learn and get started. 


Don’t waste your plastic, make it precious!

Preciou Plastic



Cambodia - Late 2020 / 2021

Sustainability of the recycling workshop


Cambodia - June 2019 / July 2020

Creation of a recycling workshop on the island of Koh Rong Sanloem


Cambodia - 2019

Elaboration of Trash is Nice project with NGO OBT Chiro and Association Sourires collaboration


France - 2018

Construction of Precious Plastic machines at IPN collective

Thank you!


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